Eastern Oregon University Army ROTC

Eastern Oregon University ROTC is specifically designed to develop leaders of all disciplines. The ROTC program allows students from all degree programs to participate. The program encapsulates numerous lessons learned throughout the history of warfare and places special emphasis on self-development, physical and mental toughness, and lifelong learning.

Eastern Oregon University is a detachment of the University of Portland. Portland State is another detachment of this pilot battalion. Check out their page to learn more or contact us directly!

Cadet life at EOU

As a Cadet in the Eastern Oregon University Army ROTC, you will have the chance to participate in a wide variety of activities and the opportunity to enhance your skills as a soldier and as a leader.

The typical weekly schedule for an Army cadet includes physical training, academic instruction, and hands-on field instruction.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, cadets meet at 6:30AM (0630 in military time!) to conduct physical exercise in order to develop, enhance, and challenge each cadet’s physical abilities. Exercises often consist of distance running, sprinting, endurance workouts for the chest and abdominal muscles, crossfit training, rope climbing, and the standard push-ups and sit-ups–a cadet’s condition will be tested each term in the Army Physical Fitness Test. This development and testing of physical endurance is a crucial part of the cadet’s future Army career.


CPT Renee Meckel

Assistant Professor of Military Science
Zabel Hall 118
Phone: 541-962-3637


Eastern Oregon University is a Nationally recognized Military-Friendly Campus.

Education received at Eastern Oregon University is among the best in the state, with a 14 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio. Here in the military science department we are committed to the success of our cadets both academically and in the military.

Army ROTC is an elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes. It gives you the tools, training and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment.

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When available, scholarship cadets receive:

  • Full tuition including books and fees
  • Monthly STIPEND; $420
  • No out-of-state tuition
  • Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP); earn E5 pay while earning your degree
  • Dorm scholarships offered when available
  • Reservist and Veterans receive up to 15 credits hours (Service-to-country Scholarship Guardsmen)
  • Voyager Scholarship; enrolled Combat Vets receive 100% tuition

Becoming an Officer

Success Now and in the Future

Army ROTC prepares college students to succeed in any competitive environment. Plus, the leadership training and experiences that you have in Army ROTC will provide you with a foundation to become commissioned Army Officers upon graduation.

Starting Your Career

After you graduate from college, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. Your career as an Officer will be just beginning, and you’ll find a variety of interesting Officer career fields in the Army. Once you choose your Army branch, you will embark on specialized training.

The Army: It’s What You Make It

Upon completion of Officer branch training and a first assignment, Army Officers may pursue additional specialized training and post-graduate education opportunities. You will most likely be assigned to advanced leadership positions and to staff positions. Also, you may develop doctrine, teach military tactics or serve as advisors.