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Politics, Policy & Public Administration

Politics, Policy & Public Administration

Delivered 100% online, the bachelor’s in politics, policy and public administration program offers unique rural-informed global curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities, such as field placements and internships. Gain essential public service knowledge, skills and connections through Eastern Oregon University’s online B.S./B.A. in Politics, Policy and Public Administration. You’ll learn to respond effectively and fairly to issues that affect global communities. Our transfer-friendly program accepts up to 135 credit hours.

Dr. Daniel Costie

Daniel Costie, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Public Administration

Dr. Costie received a dual Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Political Science from Aquinas College, a Master of Arts in International Development from American University, and a Ph.D. in Public Affairs from University of Colorado-Denver. He has worked as a consultant in evaluating the impact of community organizations on urban climate resilience and their ability to bring their voices into their decision-making process. His recent research and dissertation investigates the use of strategic discourse in shaping the policy agenda related to hydraulic fracturing in Colorado and New York, specifically how increasing access to social media is allowing minority groups the opportunity to compete discursively with policy actors who have disproportionate influence.