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Agriculture Entrepreneurship

“An Agriculture Entrepreneur, or Agripreneur, is a person who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of an agricultural enterprise or agribusiness.”

Agriculture needs innovative ideas and solutions to address the livelihoods and issues of rural communities, food security, production and resource efficiencies, and changing climate patterns.  The future of agriculture needs you! 

Dr. Chad Mueller

Dr. Chad J. Mueller

Visiting Professor of Business

Dr. Mueller was born and raised on a diversified livestock and grain farm in SE Nebraska. He is the youngest of four brothers; each involved in different aspects of agriculture. Dr. Mueller received his B.S. degree in Animal Sciences from Oklahoma State University, and a M.S. and Ph.D. degree in Animal Sciences from South Dakota State University. His graduate degrees focused on Ruminant Nutrition and Beef Cattle Management / Feedlot systems. Dr. Mueller’s academic career included both research and teaching, but now primarily focuses on teaching. He developed and taught courses in a variety of subject matters focusing on animal agriculture systems and leadership development. Dr. Mueller spent 17 years with Oregon State University, and is currently a visiting Assistant Professor with EOU focusing on the newly developed Agriculture Entrepreneurship program.