Agricultural Entrepreneurship Degree

Agriculture Entrepreneurship

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Stimulating Agricultural Innovation through Business,
Science and Leadership

“An Agriculture Entrepreneur is a person who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of an agricultural enterprise or agribusiness.”

The new Agriculture Entrepreneurship (AE) degree program is about developing and harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit! This spirit encompasses creativity, critical thinking, innovative problem-solving and the ability to change perceptions and enhance your future livelihood.

Agriculture needs innovative ideas and solutions to address the current and future issues of rural communities and livelihoods, food security, production and resource efficiencies, and changing climate patterns.  The future of agriculture needs you! 

The Agriculture Entrepreneurship program is designed to help you develop and refine the skills and knowledge required to take an active and leading position in many different aspects of agriculture.  While providing business and science fundamentals, the AE degree will allow you flexibility in refining your future agriculture interests and incorporate those interests into real-world, team-based experiential learning programs.  It’s all about understanding, collaborating, enacting, and refining the innovative process!  We want to make you an indispensable team member of any agricultural enterprise or agribusiness – either on your own or with a quality company!

How will you develop and harness your Entrepreneurial Spirit?


Participate in quality business and science courses (either on-campus or online!)

Real-world Experiences

Opportunities to work and learn in the real-world with field-based courses and industry partners!

Student Projects

Develop personal leadership skills and interact with peers in an open and creative team environment to implement innovative solutions to agriculture issues of your choosing!

Interested in transferring into the AE degree?

We are currently working with various community colleges to develop transfer plans, but in the meantime simply reach out to us and we’ll work with you and your completed courses to develop a unique and individualized graduation roadmap!

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