Transfer into the AE Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the EOU transfer requirements? 

Can I have my transcripts reviewed before I apply to EOU? 

Are there Transfer Student scholarships? 

I still have some general transfer student questions! 

I’m interested in transferring into the AE degree program!  What are my next steps?

That’s great to hear! Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Apply to EOU For Acceptance

Step 2:

Contact us to setup an On-campus or virtual meeting to discuss your academic roadmap! You can do this prior to starting at EOU or after you arrive.  We are always here to help.

Dr. Chad Mueller

Dr. Chad J. Mueller

Program Coordinator

One University Boulevard
205 Zabel Hall
Phone: (541) 962-3266

Are there specific transfer plans for my College or University that would help?

We are currently working on specific community college plans, but for now we are happy to work with you individually to develop your academic plan.  Just give us a call or email.

What if I’m transferring from a 4-year college or university?

Again, not a problem!  We will work with you and your completed credits to develop a successful academic plan.  Just give us a call or email.