The Nursing program at EOU is a joint program between EOU and the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Students wanting to pursue this pathway start by attending EOU as a Pre-Nursing student, where they take courses designed to specifically meet OHSU’s prerequisites for their 3-Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. These courses prepare them for application and admission into the OHSU-La Grande program, located here on EOU’s campus. *Acceptance into OHSU’s program is NEVER guaranteed for EOU Pre-Nursing students

If accepted, students transition to being an OHSU student and officially fulfilling their remaining BSN requirements. OHSU is the institution who issues the official diploma, upon successful completion of their program.
Due to the extremely competitive nature of the program, all Pre-Nursing students are highly encouraged to declare an EOU minor, in their interest area, which can be used to fulfill General Elective credits that are required by OHSU. The EOU Minor also serves as a “Parallel Plan” that can be rolled into an EOU Bachelor’s degree, in the event that acceptance to OHSU’s program is not achieved on the first application attempt. *The Pre-Nursing pathway is NOT an awardable degree, minor, and/or certificate with EOU.

General Information

Application SystemNursingCAS
Application TimelineSeptember 1st: Application OPENS
February 15th: Application CLOSES
Additional ResourcesOHSU 3-Year BSN Program Overview
OHSU Admission Requirements
OHSU Prerequisites & Course Equivalency Guides

Required Coursework ( 2 year sample plan PDF)

Biology CoursesBIOL231 Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/ Lab (4)
BIOL232 Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/ Lab (4)
BIOL233 Human Anatomy & Physiology III w/ Lab (4)
BIOL234 Introduction to Microbiology w/ Lab (4) or BIOL244 Medical Microbiology w/ Lab (4) or BIOL323 General Microbiology w/ Lab (5)
English/Writing Courses (8 credits)WR121 Academic Composition
WR122 Argumentative Writing or WR123 Research Writing
Psychology CoursesPSY211 Lifespan Development (3)
Community Health CoursesCH225 Nutrition (3)
Math CoursesMATH095 Algebraic Foundations (4) or Higher
Social Science Courses (8-9 credits)N/A (many options available)
Strongly Suggested Electives/Additional CoursesCHEM101 Introduction to Chemistry w/ Lab (4) or CHEM204 General Chemistry w/ Lab (5) **NOT required but additional consideration is given to those that complete it

Non-Nursing & Additional BSN Requirements for OHSU (PDF)

StatisticsSTAT243 Introduction to Statistics (4)
GeneticsBIOL235 Genetics w/ Lab (3)
Humanities (8-9 credits)N/A (many options available)
General Electives (34 credits)N/A (many options available)
Upper-Division (15 credits; included in the 34 GEC credits)N/A (many options available)
NotesAll requirements are thoroughly listed and explained on the Steps to Apply document, maintained by OHSU.
Students are encouraged to meet with the Pre-Nursing Advisor to discuss what factors go into being accepted to see how they can give themselves the best chance possible! Likewise, students are allowed to look at other Nursing programs, outside of OHSU, but are encouraged to work with the Pre-Nursing Advisor to discuss any additional/different prerequisites that other programs may have.