The curriculum in pre-medicine is designed to prepare students for entrance into medical school after four years of undergraduate education. A bachelor’s degree (B.A./B.S.) is required prior to matriculation to medical school. No particular major is preferred, but a degree in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry is encouraged. The program is obviously flexible and can be adapted to an individual’s needs and interests.

Students must excel in whatever field is chosen because admission is very competitive and high academic achievement is a must. Although they do not require students to follow any precise degree program, medical schools do have specific entrance requirements.

Typical prerequisite coursework includes one-year sequences of general biology with lab, general chemistry with lab, organic chemistry with lab and physics with lab, in addition to courses in genetics, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and English composition. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain prerequisite information from schools to which they will be applying and to work closely with their EOU pre-medicine adviser when selecting appropriate coursework to meet the prerequisite requirements. Admission to medical school is highly competitive, requiring high academic achievement.

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