General Information

Bachelor’s Degree RequiredYes
Entrance ExamDAT (Dental Admission Test)
Entrance Exam ResourcesDAT Overview (ADEA)
What is the DAT? (Kaplan)
What is on the DAT? (Princeton Review)
Patient Care Experience &/or Shadowing HoursShadowing (ADEA)
Application SystemsADEA AADSAS
Application Timeline & ChecklistADEA Timeline to Apply
ADEA School-Specific Deadlines
Program DirectoryDental Schools Search (ASDA)
ADEA Dental School Explorer
“Pre-Professional Resource Library”Coming Soon!
Professional Associations & AccreditationsAmerican Student Dental Association (ASDA)
American Dental Education Association (ADEA)
American Dental Association (ADA)
Additional ResourcesPreparing for Dental School (ADEA)
ADEA AADSAS Application Guide (ADEA)
ADEA/AADSAS Participating Dental Schools Required & Recommended Courses
The Admissions Process (ADEA)

Recommended Coursework (PDF)

*Courses listed are based on the most common prerequisites to Dental Schools; make sure to always verify what the specific prerequisites are for the Dental School(s) you plan to apply to as programs can still differ in their requirements.

Biology CoursesBIOL211 Principles of Biology w/ Lab (5)
BIOL212 Principles of Biology w/ Lab (5)
BIOL213 Principles of Biology w/ Lab (5)
BIOL231 Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/ Lab (4)
BIOL232 Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/ Lab (4)
BIOL233  Human Anatomy & Physiology III w/ Lab (4)
BIOL317 Vertebrate Structure (5)
BIOL445 Immunology (3)
BIOL462 Cellular Neurobiology (3)
Chemistry CoursesCHEM204 General Chemistry w/ Lab (5)
CHEM205 General Chemistry w/ Lab (5)
CHEM206 General Chemistry w/ Lab (5)
CHEM334 Organic Chemistry I (4)
CHEM335 Organic Chemistry II (4)
CHEM338 Organic Chemistry I Lab (1)
CHEM336 Organic Chemistry III (4)
CHEM339 Organic Chemistry II Lab (1)
CHEM450 Structural Biochemistry (4)
CHEM454 Biochemistry Lab (4)
CHEM451 Metabolic Chemistry (2)
Physics CoursesPHYS201 General Physics w/ Lab (4)
PHYS202 General Physics w/ Lab (4)
PHYS203 General Physics w/ Lab (4)
Math CoursesN/A
Social Science CoursesSOC204 General Sociology (5)
SOC205  General Sociology: Problems (5)
PSY201 General Psychology (4)
PSY202 General Psychology (4)
ANTH203 Introduction to Cultural (5)
Strongly Suggested Electives/Additional CoursesN/A
NotesThe Pre-Dentistry curriculum prepares students for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) and entrance into Dental school. Although some Dental schools do not require a Baccalaureate degree (B.A./B.S.) for admission, it is highly recommended that students plan to complete a Bachelor’s degree prior to matriculation. Typically, students choose to follow a degree program in Biology or Chemistry-Biochemistry, although other majors may be pursued. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain prerequisite information from the school to which they will be applying and to work closely with their Pre-Health Advisor when selecting appropriate coursework to meet the prerequisite requirements.