Pre-Medical Lab Technology

General Information

Bachelor’s Degree RequiredN/A
Entrance ExamN/A
Entrance Exam ResourcesN/A
Patient Care Experience &/or Shadowing Hours*no specific amount is required but highly recommended
Application SystemsN/A
Application Timeline & ChecklistN/A
Program DirectoryNAACLS Program Search
Medical Tech Schools in the U.S.
“Pre-Professional Resource Library”Coming Soon!
Professional Associations & AccreditationsNational Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS)
Additional ResourcesN/A

Recommended Coursework (PDF)

Biology CoursesBIOL211 Principles of Biology w/ Lab (5)
BIOL212 Principles of Biology w/ Lab (5)
BIOL213 Principles of Biology w/ Lab (5)
BIOL231 Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/ Lab (4)
BIOL232 Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/ Lab (4)
BIOL233 Human Anatomy & Physiology III w/ Lab (4)
BIOL323 General Microbiology w/ Lab (5)
Chemistry CoursesCHEM101 Introduction to Chemistry w/ Lab (4)
CHEM204 General Chemistry w/ Lab (5)
CHEM205 General Chemistry w/ Lab (5)
CHEM206 General Chemistry w/ Lab (5)
Physics CoursesN/A
Math CoursesMATH111 College Algebra (4)
MATH112 Precalculus (4)
Social Science CoursesPSY201 General Psychology (4)
PSY202 General Psychology (4)
SOC204 Introduction to Sociology (5)
English/Writing CoursesWR121 Academic Composition (4)
WR122 Argumentative Writing (4)
Communication CoursesCOM111 Interpersonal Communication (4) or COM112 Public Speaking(4)
Strongly Suggested Electives/Additional CoursesSCI215 Medical Terminology (3)
Notes*** The Pre-Medical Technology curriculum at EOU prepares students for admission into accredited programs at hospitals and universities. Medical technologists are prepared to enter the medical laboratory science profession and to pursue career opportunities in various laboratory settings or in preparation for graduate school. Two possible options exist for students interested in medical technology. Students can complete three years of prerequisite coursework at EOU and then transfer to a university or medical school program for an additional 12 months of training. These students normally received a BAchelor of Science degree directly from the medical technology program into which they transfer. Or, students can complete a Bachelor of Science degree at EOU and then transfer to either a university or a hospital-based program for the final 12-15 months of training. Since hospital programs cannot grant degrees, students must have a Bachelor of Science degree prior to entering these programs.