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EOU will require COVID-19 vaccinations for Fall 2021

EOU will require COVID-19 vaccinations for Fall 2021

June 3, 2021 LA GRANDE, Ore. – When the FDA fully approves one or more of the COVID-19 vaccines, Eastern Oregon University will require vaccination for students and employees who work, learn and engage with the main campus.

Accommodations will be available for medical and non-medical exemptions. Students attending courses fully online and not engaging in activities on the EOU campus are not required to be vaccinated.

“We deliberated this decision at length, evaluated science and public health recommendations, and surveyed the EOU community to identify the best path to restoring a healthy, highly engaged community for those who work and learn on our campus,” said EOU President Tom Inkso.

Based on the FDA’s current approval of several COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Oregon Health Authority, the university strongly encourages students, employees and partners to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. Vaccines are available to people 12 and older throughout Oregon and the U.S.

“Ultimately, as with every decision related to the pandemic, we are focused on protecting the safety and health of the EOU community, and returning to a highly engaged, in-person, on-campus experience that upholds our mission and shared values,” Insko said. “We remain committed to providing all students with the greatest educational opportunities possible in preparation for success after graduation.”

Additional information, a list of frequently asked questions, and ongoing updates can be found at eou.edu/coronavirus