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EPCC Forms and Directions

  1. To download the EPCC forms, download the document as a PDF (The form is a fillable  PDF which allows you to digitally fill out and print the form with ease).
  2. To download Google Word Documents, click on the desired link below. Once the document has appeared on your screen, click the “file” tab in the upper right-hand corner, scroll down to “download as” and select which format you would like the document downloaded to.
  3. Department and Dean signature required before submitting to EPCC. 
  4. Submission of proposed curricular changes to EPCC must be turned in TEN BUSINESS days before a scheduled meeting.  

*Send completed forms to Angie Adams at aadams@eou.edu*

  • Change a Course Number

    • Course Action form
    • No other documentation is required.
    • Note that the Registrar is unable to recycle course numbers, so please be sure your new course number is not already in the system.
  • Change a Course Title

    • Course Action form
    • No other documentation is required, even if that course is GE, DPD, or UWR
  • Change Catalog Description

    •  If you are proposing a small change in wording, or change in a course pre-req, then the change does not need EPCC approval. It can be submitted directly to the Registrar.
  • Change Course Content or Credit


For General Education Course Action GEC Criteria  |  GEC Sample

For University Writing Requirement Course Action: Webpage

For Difference, Power, Discrimination Course Action: DPD Requirement  | DPD Rubric  |  DPD Sample

Syllabus: Syllabus Sample

Higher Education Coordinating Commission Reference Documents

Process and Forms

Public Institutions seeking program approval should download and utilize these documents to provide policy, guidance and format for the review and program approval processes. Policy and Guidelines for New Program Proposals