EPCC – Forms and Reference Documents

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Academic Program Approval Flow Chart

Program Summary of Requested Curricular Action

New Program Form  | Marketing Brochure Template

Course Action

Program Change/Delete  | Marketing Brochure Template

Administrative Program Delete

Administrative Program Suspension

Minor/Concentration Action

Certificate/Associate Action

GEC Form  |  GEC Criteria     |      GEC Sample

UWR Coversheet   |    Webpage     |     UWR Sample

DPD Form    |  DPD Requirement     |    DPD Rubric        |        DPD Sample

Syllabi Format This format must be used and must accompany all course action forms.

Syllabus Sample

HECC Required Forms

Policy and Guidelines for NEW Program Proposals

External Review of New Graduate Level Academic Programs

New Academic Program

Proposal for Existing Program Delivery to New Location

Budget Outline Justification


Use the EPCC FAQ page as a guide when completing paperwork


*Send completed forms to Darren Dutto at*




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