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EOU Diversity requirements (DPD)

Beginning Fall 2010, students admitted to Eastern Oregon University seeking a bachelors degree will be required to complete a minimum of 4 credits of Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) coursework.

Current EOU courses that meet the diversity requirement are listed below:

ANTH 312Native Peoples of North America *UWR5effective spring 2015 (**fall 1997)
ANTH 380Native Peoples of Oregon *UWR5effective winter 2015
BA 220Gender/Work & Society*SSC4 
BA 347Workplace Diversity4 
COM 315Media, Power and Difference*AEH4
COM 325Intercultural Communication*AEH3
COM 365Participatory Culture & Identity*AEH4course ended spring 2022
ECED 418Multicultural Educ in Early Childhood4
ED 115Intro to Educ: Oregon Teacher Pathway4
ED 130Cultural Differences in American Education2effective fall 2017
ED 462Language & Cognition in L2 Lrners *UWR3 
ENGL 257Indigenous American Lit/Film*AEH, UWR4effective summer 2022
ENGL 390Multicultural Literature/Film *UWR2-4 
ENGL 395Gender in Literature/Film *UWR2-4 
FSA 345Multiculturalism in Emergency Services4 
HIST 105Slavery & Freedom in America *SSC3 
HIST 201US History *SSC5 
HIST 202US History *SSC5effective fall 2006
HIST 230Women & Gender-Mod Europe*AEH, UWR5 
HIST 311Immigration Nation5
HIST 312Cultural History of Sports5
HUM 112Intro American Language & Culture *GTW4 
HUM 113Topics American Language & Culture *GTW4 
HUM 114Language and Power *GTW4effective spring 2016
HWS 352Cultural Comp in Hlth Ed & Hlth Promo4 
MUS 204Popular Music in America*AEH3effective spring 2015
MUS 304Down in the Boondocks *AEH2effective spring 2016
PHIL 102Ethics, Politics & Law*UWR5 
POLS 101American National Government*SSC, UWR5 
POLS 102Politics and Law*SSC, UWR5
POLS 221International Relations*SSC, UWR5 
SOC 204General Sociology *SSC, UWR5effective fall 2010 (**fall 1998)
SOC 316Sociology of Poverty3
SOC 333Sociology of Disability5 
SOC 336Social Change & Social Justice3
SOC 338Sociology of Families *UWR5effective spring 2015 (**spring 2004)
SOC 360Gender and Power*SSC, UWR5effective winter 2015 (**fall 2001)
SOC 373Gender, Race & Crime2
SOC 375Sociology of Food5
SOC 423Service and Social Change5
SOC 445Inequality & Diversity5 
SPED 412Reconceptualization of dis/Ability3new course fall 2023
SPED 414Issues in Special Education2new course fall 2023
SSCI 115Democracy, Freedom & American Ideal *SSC5 
THEA 260Theatre History*AEH, UWR5
THEA 362Irish Drama *UWR3effective spring 2015
THEA 363Banned Plays *UWR3 
WR 360Literacy, Discrimination, and Power *UWR3 

Courses listed with the (** xxxx) after the effective date are courses where the DPD outcome can be added to a previous term if the course was taken with a C- or better after the (**date) listed.  

CUESTE is a cohort program that meets the diversity requirement

EOU courses ended by EPCC and/or no longer current DPD classes

COM 335Communication, Gender & Culture3course ended summer 2020
ED 360Multicultural Amer Soc3course ended winter 2020
GEND 395Gender in Literature/Film4course ended fall 2012
REL 101Introduction to Religion5course ended fall 2015
REL 102Introduction to World Religion5course ended fall 2015