Mountaineer Advantage Programs

Mountaineer Advantage Programs, or MAPs, help students, parents and counselors navigate toward a major at EOU.  Students progress by directly taking EOU coursework on campus, online or through a local community college.  MAPs start at the student’s high school with dual credit coursework and then transition to online/on campus options from the major checksheet.  The list of each major’s 100 and 200 level courses is located at the bottom of each MAP so you can start checking off courses right away.  The goal is to make sure students know where they are headed in their education.

Many of the courses that have been chosen are specifically in the general education category so that students can utilize various courses even when changing majors during their high school and college career.  Eastern wants students to be empowered to make decisions with the support of local and Eastern experts that will help guide students while saving thousands of dollars on their education.  It is ok if a school district does not have all of the dual credit parts of the MAP available. You can take any or all of the suggested courses and continue to move through the MAP.  Make sure that you have completed the prerequisites for any course that you are taking!

If you have further questions please email  We look forward to seeing you in the classroom!