A student with a counselor at EOU

Counselors are a crucial part of the success of Early College at EOU.  Without your guidance for students, parents and partnerships with various departments on campus, students would not know about the opportunities they can take advantage of.

Mountaineer Advantage Programs

Mountaineer Advantage Programs, or MAPs, help students, parents and counselors navigate toward a major at EOU. Students progress by directly taking EOU coursework on campus, online or through a local community college. MAPs start at the student’s high school with dual credit coursework and then transition to online/on campus options from the major checksheet. The list of each major’s 100 and 200 level courses is located at the bottom of each MAP so you can start checking off courses right away. The goal is to make sure students know where they are headed in their education.

Things to remember:

Students have the opportunity to take dual credit classes at their local high school.  (If your school does not currently have a partnership with EOU please contact us at  They also can take on-campus and online courses at a reduced tuition rate (Dual Credit $40 per credit/ On Campus $75 per credit/ Online $75 per credit).

This allows students to be able to get a jump start on their higher education experience.

  • Mountaineer Advantage Plans (MAPs), which help you guide students through various majors at EOU will be added to the site and the handbook during the months of August and September.  MAPs help students and parents navigate the courses taken.
  • In the process of a student’s transition to college a scaffolded approach to support is critical for students to be ready for the remainder of their time in higher education.  Through professional development and connections with EOU Early College Specialists, Eastern is ready to make that transition a partnership in order to ensure success.  

Deadlines for students can be found on the students and parents pages.


Contact us at

Need training for students or teachers directly from Early College Specialists? Let us know! If a student is struggling with getting registered or you see it to be beneficial for EOU to bring someone in to have the entire dual credit class or multiple courses have additional support around Registration time, please contact us to set up a day to have one of our specialists come and visit.

Student Navigator Support

Each term Student Navigators reach out to all high school students who take online or on-campus classes directly from Eastern faculty. They help with any questions that the students have about their courses or Eastern in general. This is an opportunity for students to talk directly to current EOU students about needs for their success in collegiate coursework.