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ASEOU Executive Board & Senators

The senate is composed of the ASEOU president and 8 senators. The senate are all elected by popular vote. We also have the judicial board which is composed of 3 justices who are elected by the senate. In addition to the senate and judicial board we have 4 directors who are recognized officers. We have directors for political affairs, financial affairs, campus affairs, and diversity & equity.

Meet the members of ASEOU Student Government

President: Caitlyn Cevallos

Email: aspres@eou.edu

Director for Financial Affairs: Drew Lusco

Email: asvpfin@eou.edu

Director for Political Affairs: Anthony Standley

Email: asvppol@eou.edu

Director for Campus Affairs: Alexa Jamison

Email: asvpcam@eou.edu

Director for Diversity and Equity: Vacant

Email: asvpde@eou.edu


Calvin Bennett

Tim Fecht

Julian Harris

Hailey Hochhalter

Isaac Insko

Chayann Partain, Senate Chair

Hannah Pulliam

Elaina Robison


Xavier Dehaart

John Dippold

Ciera Melchoir

Office Assistants:

Alyvia Michaels


Le Bailey, Director of Student Involvement

Le is a 2006 and 2008 graduate of Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Theatre and a Master of Science in Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration. Serving as an ASEOU advisor since 2010, he is passionate about student politics, social change, leadership development, and higher education administration.

Le is the Director of Student Involvement and has worked at Eastern Oregon University since November 2009. He oversees the Center for Student Involvement and Hoke Union Building and works as a resource for students, faculty, and staff across campus. Among other activities on campus, he advises the Eastern Student Entertainment programming board, assist clubs and organization activities and programs, as well as provide leadership development opportunities to students.

Le loves working with students and thrives from the power of emotional intelligence leadership. He believes in getting to know the students at EOU and discussing our shared experiences in order to encourage conversation toward student success and address the needs of all students.

Lacy Karpilo, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Lacy Karpilo joined Eastern Oregon University in February 2017 as the Vice President for Student Affairs. Lacy’s background includes over 20 years of experience as a leader in higher education. Her experience includes overseeing programs that include diversity and inclusion, enrollment services, student development, academic support services, housing, and campus life. Lacy has worked at a variety of private and public institutions in Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Colorado, and California. She has a Ph.D. in Education and Human Resources (emphasis: Higher Education) from Colorado State University, an MA in Counseling Psychology from University of Denver, and a BA in Psychology from Occidental College.