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College of Business Faculty and Staff Directory

Mohamed Abualhaija

Abualhaija, Mohamed – PhD


Phone: 541.962.3644
Email: mabualhaija@eou.edu
Office: ZH-209

Doug Briney

Briney, Doug – J.D.


Phone: 541.962.3345
Email: dbriney@eou.edu
Office: ZH-207

Dr. Shari Carpenter

Carpenter, Shari – PhD, MBA


Phone: 541.962.3616
Email: scarpent@eou.edu
Office: ZH-216

Chakrabarty, Subhra – DBA, MBA


Phone: 541.962.3574
Email: schakrabarty@eou.edu
Office: ZH-217

Meghan Counsell

Counsell, Meghan – B.S.

Advisor – On campus/Freshman, Accounting, Business, Economics, FSA/EMSA

Phone: 541.962.3275
Email: mcounsel@eou.edu
Office: ZH-223

Durrant, Hailey – B.S.

College Operations Manager

Phone: 541.962.3816
Email: hdurrant@eou.edu
Office: ZH-255B

Michael Fields

Fields, Michael – PhD, MBA

Assistant Professor, Business

Phone: 541.962.3870
Email: mkfields@eou.edu
Office: ZH-213

Geagon, Margot – PhD, MBA, MPA

Associate Professor, Business

Phone: 541.962.3225
Email: mgeagon@eou.edu
Office: ZH-216

Laura Gow-Hogge

Gow-Hogge, Laura – PhD, M.S.

Chair of the Business Administration Department

Phone: 541.962.3721
Email: lgow@eou.edu
Office: ZH-214

Ronnie Grant

Grant, Ronnie – ABD, MBA


Phone: 541.962.3262
Email: rgrant@eou.edu
Office: ZH-222

EOU COB Kristin Johnson

Johnson, Kristin – MAT

MAT/MS/MBA Advisor & Recruiter

Phone: 541.962.3529
Email: kristin.johnson@eou.edu
Office: ZH-227

Peter Maille

Maille, Peter – PhD, MS


Phone: 541.962.3371
Email: pmaille@eou.edu
Office: ZH-211

McConnell, Heather

Administrative Program Assistant

Phone: 541.962.3644
Email: hlmcconnell@eou.edu
Office: ZH-255

McConnell, Scott – PhD, MA

Interim Dean College of Business

Phone: 541.962.3340
Email: smcconnell@eou.edu
Office: ZH-210

Chad Mueller

Mueller, Chad – PhD, PAS


Phone: 541.962.3266
Email: cmueller@eou.edu
Office: ZH-205

Ritch, Aubree

Office Specialist II

Phone: 541.962.3411
Email: aritch@eou.edu
Office: ZH-255

Kevin Walker

Walker, Kevin – J.D., MBA

Chair of the FSA/EMSA Degree Programs

Phone: 541.962.3373
Email: kwalker@eou.edu
Office: ZH-215