Office of the Dean

The dean is the chief administrator of the College of Business. The dean’s office provides leadership for all of the programs in the College of Business and for the activities of faculty, staff, and students. The Office of the Dean has general academic responsibility for degree and certificate programs in the college and for fiscal accountability and resource development. The Office of the Dean is also a hub for communications among the college.

Janet Frye EOU College of Business

Frye, Janet

Administrative Support MAT/MS/MBA Graduate Admission

Phone: 541.962.3772
Office: ZH-255

Edward Henninger EOU COB

Henninger, Edward

Dean, College of Business

Phone: 541.962.3399
Office: ZH-255C

Beth Upshaw EOU COB

Upshaw, Beth

College Operations Manager

Phone: 541.962.3816
Office: ZH-255

Margie EOU COB

Webster, Margie

Administrative Support – Gresham

Phone: 503.491.7000
Office: Gresham

Tonya Williams EOU College of Business

Williams, Tonya

Administrative Support

Phone: 541.962.3411
Office: ZH-255