About CCRP

The Center for Culturally Responsive Practices

The goal of the CCRP is to be a resource and research center for school district faculty and administrators, university faculty and administrators, and pre-service teachers to explore and integrate culturally responsive pedagogy and practices in P-20 educational settings.  The center provides:

  • Access to current research in culturally responsive pedagogy and practices.
  • Resources that identify how culturally responsive practices can be used to promote equity and engaged learning across the curriculum.
  • Access to tools on how culturally responsive practices can be used to reach educational learning outcomes and standards.
  • Engagement in a collegial, safe environment to explore and discuss the difficulties and perceptions of learning and development of culturally responsive teaching.
  • Opportunities to collect data, perform research, and promote the scholarship of culturally responsive practices.
  • A support for continuing assessment, research and implementation of strategies to improve teaching and learning based research.
  • Participation in forums to share research and teaching strategies with colleagues and in the surrounding community.