Academic Standards Committee – ASC

Committee Members ’15 -’16
Ray Brown   (14/16) Chair – Faculty, College of Education
Selina Schiller ** Registrar’s Office
Rebecca Hartman (15/17) Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
Cory Peeke  (15/16) Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
Doug Briney (14/16) Faculty, College of Business
Colby Heideman (13/15) Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences
Molly Burke  (14/16) Administrative Professional, Student Success & Engagement
Kathleen Brown (15/17) Administrative Professional
Jo Hickerson   (15/17) Classified Staff
Kayla Immoos   (14/16) Classified Staff
 Emily Mery Student
 Gabe Tzeo Student

For questions, email Selina Schiller in the Registrar’s Office.


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