Academic Standing

Policy goals, definitions, and procedures

Academic Policies from EOU Catalog

Eastern Oregon University expects students to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward degree completion. At the conclusion of each term, grade point averages are calculated and academic standings are determined for all undergraduate students. All GPA references, including cumulative GPA’s, are, unless otherwise noted, based only on EOU coursework.

Students may request in writing to the Registrar’s Office, on an individual basis, to have their academic standing recalculated due to a change of grade in the immediately preceding term. Requests for recalculation received during fall term may be applied to spring term if no classes were taken during the summer. In cases where the grade change occurs due to faculty error, no action is required on the student’s part; the recalculation will take place automatically in the Registrar’s Office.

In cases of ambiguity in the following policies, the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) typically should rule in favor of the student.


The various levels of academic standing are:

Good Standing:

Students with an EOU term GPA (for the most recent academic term attended) and an EOU cumulative GPA of 2.000 or higher.

Academic Probation:

Students with an EOU cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better will be placed on academic probation if their current term GPA drops below 2.00. First-term students who fail to achieve a 2.00 will be placed on academic probation.

This is a caution to the student that there is a lack of satisfactory academic progress.

Academic Suspension:

Students who have an EOU term and EOU institutional cumulative GPA below 2.00 while on academic probation will be placed on academic suspension. Suspended students are denied all student privileges which may include, but are not limited to, registration, class attendance, financial aid, and residence in EOU housing.

There are exceptions for Summer Session registration – see Summer Session Academic Standards Procedures.

Procedures Timing

Changes in academic standing, caused by a term’s grades, take effect midnight on the day grades for the term are computed according to the academic calendar.  Changes in academic status in regards to actions recommended by the ASC take effect midnight on the day in which the ASC takes such action.

Academic Probation

Students on academic probation are notified through EOU e-mail at the conclusion of each term.  A probationary hold will be administered to the student’s account until he or she meets with their academic advisor to develop a plan for success. This hold prevents the student from registering, paying fees, as well as adding/dropping courses.

Advisors will be notified at the end of each term of those students on academic probation.   Students who attain a term and an EOU cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better will be removed from academic probation and placed in good standing. Students with a current term or EOU cumulative GPA below 2.00 will be required to meet with their designated advisor in order to develop an academic plan for success prior to registering for the next term.

Academic Suspension

Students on academic suspension will be notified through their EOU e-mail at the conclusion of each term. The first and second time a student is suspended he/she/they may petition the ASC for reinstatement. These students are encouraged to meet with an advisor as well as attend classes until their case is resolved with the ASC.

To petition for reinstatement students must complete the appeal form available online at  All questions must be answered clearly in order for the Academic Standards Committee to make a fair and just decision. If completed, an academic plan approved by the student’s advisor should be emailed to Petitions not meeting these minimum requirements may not be considered. Advisors will be notified at the end of each term of those students who are on academic suspension.

Petitions for reinstatement must be received no later than the date indicated in the e-mailed suspension notification. The ASC may not consider petitions for reinstatement received after this deadline.

The committee must meet and consider all appeal petitions before the end of the first week of the term. Should the ASC approve students’ appeal petition, the restrictions are lifted and all the conditions of probationary status are applied but “Probation from Suspension” will still appear on the student’s transcript. The committee may also require the student to meet other conditions as appropriate. These conditions may include (but are not limited to) meeting with the student’s advisor, limitations on credits taken, and testing (where appropriate) to determine the student’s academic level. Such conditions are intended to help the student achieve academic success. Students returned to probationary status after being suspended must maintain a term GPA of 2.00 or better in order to maintain, at least, probation status. A student who has been reinstated to probationary status and who subsequently has a term GPA drop below 2.000 will be suspended for a second time.

Suspended students seeking reinstatement may be reinstated if one term has passed since the 1st suspension (one full academic year for students on 2nd suspension) or if they have earned, after their suspension, a GPA of 2.00 or better with at least 24 graded credits from an accredited college or university. Their academic status upon reinstatement will be academic probation.