Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my financial aid change now that I am on probation and/or suspension?
    • The status of probation will not affect your aid. You will not be able to receive it however until you have completed the College Success Seminar. Suspended students must submit a completed appeal to the Academic Standards Committee and have that appeal approved by the ASC prior to working out financial aid issues.
      The Financial Aid Committee will not discuss your case until your standing is resolved. Once resolved (and if you have a financial aid issue) you will follow the directions outlined in your notification from the Financial Aid Office.
      Sometimes suspended students are reinstated but their credits are limited. If credits are limited to nine or less then one’s financial aid award will also be adjusted to reflect a drop from full-time to 3/4 or 1/2 time status.
  • My ASC contract says I cannot take more than nine (9) credits but I can’t get the courses without taking 10 credits. Is that OK?
    • If you have a dilemma with credit restrictions and course scheduling, first work with your advisor to see if there are any other combinations you can consider. Contact the Assistant to the Academic Standards Committee to present alternative options at The full committee may need to consider your request.
  • If I am appealing my suspension from the University and my hearing with the Academic Standards Committee isn’t until Wednesday of the first week of classes, what do I do about classes I am registered to take?
    • The ASC highly recommends you attend classes for which you are registered and for which you plan to register while your appeal is pending. Should your appeal be granted you will not be behind in your coursework.
  • May I bring someone to the Academic Standards hearing with me?
    • The hearing is between the student petitioner and the Academic Standards Committee. It is not open to others.
  • What kinds of things should I put in my petition for reinstatement?
    • The presentation you make to the ASC is important. Very simply: 1) Identify the challenges you are experiencing, 2) Describe what you plan to do to correct the situation, 3) Put it into a readable document that is typewritten and reflects elements of good writing to include proper grammar and attention to spelling. Late, incomplete and poorly written documents will not be accepted and the student will be denied a hearing.
  • I’ve been reinstated from suspension and have a contract with the committee. I must pass all my courses with a grade of “C” or better. It is mid-term and I am not doing well in one of my courses. What should I do?
    • Start with the professor of the course in which you are experiencing difficulty. See if the two of you can come up with strategies that can lead to your successful completion of the course. You might also check in with your academic advisor about the possibility of withdrawing from the course.

For questions, email Academic Standards in the Registrar’s Office.