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English for Speakers of Other Languages Program

The ESOL program (equal to a year of preparation) is designed for those seeking an endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) at a graduate or undergraduate level.  Candidates may add this endorsement to a license by completing the course of study, including 90 clock hours of practicum, and obtaining a passing score on NES ESOL.

For those students interested in teaching outside the public school setting, for example, community programs or language programs offered outside of the United States, the ESOL Certificate Program is also offered at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  Candidates may be awarded this certificate by completing the course of study, which is equal to one year of preparation, and 90 clock hours of practicum.

For more information about our ESOL programs, contact an advisor.

ESOL Flyer

Adding an ESOL Endorsement


The ESOL concentration or certificate serves in place of a minor at EOU but will NOT be transcribed as a minor.  Undergraduate students may pursue an ESOL concentration, minor, or certificate.

The concentration is available onsite in La Grande, Hybrid, and Gresham. The minor and certificate are only offered on campus; in La Grande.


Course work in this endorsement program may be applied to a Master’s of Science degree in Education.  Graduate students may pursue an ESOL endorsement or an ESOL certificate.

The graduate ESOL program coordinator will only consider one graduate-level transfer course, equivalent to 3 quarter credit hours, towards completion of the graduate ESOL program. The ED 547 and ED 548 must be completed at EOU. All coursework must be completed within 5 years of requesting recommendation for licensure. If changes occur according to TSPC or legislative decisions, candidates will be required to meet all of the new requirements in order to quality for a licensing recommendation.

This course of study is available online.