About EOTA

The East Oregon Teacher Academy at Eastern Oregon University (EOU), sponsored by The College of Education aims to graduate the brightest high school freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Opportunities also exist for current paraprofessionals in the field to paraprofessionals in the field to participate.  All participants will have the chance to earn EOU credit.

During this intense four-day program, the participants share in a variety of activities that will help them to better understand what teachers do and to determine whether or not they have the potential for meeting this professional challenge.

Participants will be assigned a diverse mentor who will share in various activities that will help them better understand what teachers do.  Activities include participating in seminars on leadership and self-improvement and having the opportunity to listen to and interact with faculty, National Board-Certified Teachers, among other highly accomplished educators.

This year’s East Oregon Teacher Academy will be on-campus at Eastern Oregon University.  Tuition is free but space will be limited due to current Covid-19 restrictions.  Currently EOU is requiring all students to be tested prior to arrival.  EOU will pay for this testing and provide attendees with the appropriate testing.  This requirement may change due to state policies.  Lodging and food will be provided on the EOU campus for attendees.

Applications are currently being accepted.