Risk Management

EOU Risk Management

Helping to manage and coordinate claims between EOU, OUS and Other Parties

Specific areas of responsibility include:

  1. Approving the service of alcoholic beverages at University events or on EOU property.
  2. Filing Volunteer Conditions of Service and Waiver forms.
  3. Filing restoration claims on behalf of the university.
  4. Coordinating the purchase of Special Event Insurance for activities involving paying or registered participants of EOU-sponsored events.
  5. Filing liability claims on behalf of third parties who may have been damaged or injured as a result of negligence or harm committed by university actions or inaction.
  6. Coordinating requests for commercial insurance for activities that are deemed beyond the scope of the state self-insurance fund.

About OUS Risk Management:

The OUS Office of Risk Management provides support to Oregon’s seven public higher education campuses through a comprehensive strategic enterprise risk management function that focuses on the risks associated with life safety, reputation, financial, compliance, and operational exposures.  This is accomplished through the application of risk financing to include risk transfer and risk retention, and through the implementation of risk controls including risk assessments, training and compliance awareness and monitoring.

Through these programs, we provide a shared service to enhance the culture of risk awareness on our campuses in an integrated and sustainable manner through the three strategies noted below:

  1. Best Practices: the Risk Council will utilize best practices for communication, training, education, data collection, and processes to improve the execution and consistency of the management of risk within the Oregon University System.
  2. Accountability: the Risk Council will continue to hold people accountable for their successes and failures to mitigate losses.
  3. Return on Investment: the Risk Council will continue to track and monitor risk to better inform and determine the risk appetite of the institutions and align risk management strategies with the mission of the Oregon University System and the public universities.

The OUS Risk Management Program Policy is comprised of the Risk Oversight Committee headed by the Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration, the Vice Presidents of Finance & Administration at the various campuses and the OUS Chief Risk Officer.  This group provides the strategic oversight for the program.  The Risk Council, consisting of the Risk Management leaders from each campus, conducts the day-to-day transactions and risk mitigation for the program.  These activities include integrating risk awareness with campus strategic partners including General Counsel, Internal Audit, Academic Strategies, Student Affairs, Student Health, Research, International Programs, Human Resources, Environmental Health & Safety, Procurement, Security, Facilities and Capital Planning.

The Risk Management Program Policy and Risk Fund Policy can be found on the OUS Policies & Procedures page


Please call our office at 541.962.3773 for assistance with claims, accidents or questions about an event that you will be hosting.


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