Risk Management

EOU Risk Management

Risk Management minimizes the risk exposures of Eastern Oregon University by providing risk consulting and risk services to the EOU community also coordinates/manages claims between EOU, PURMIT and other parties.


  1. Identifying sources of loss, assessing the impact, recommending risk solutions/techniques.
  2. Assist with implementation and monitoring the solution/technique for effectiveness.
  3. Filing restoration claims on behalf of the university.
  4. Coordinating the purchase of Special Event Insurance for activities involving paying or registered participants of EOU-sponsored events.
  5. Filing liability claims on behalf of third parties who may have been damaged or injured as a result of negligence or harm committed by university actions or inaction.
  6. Coordinating requests for commercial insurance for activities that are deemed beyond the scope of the state self-insurance fund.

Incident and Accident Reporting

Incidents or accidents for all events involving injuries or property damage to members of the general public, visitors, students, EOU employees while on EOU property, should be reported with 24 hours of the event occurrence.

All employee (including student employees) incidents should be reported to Security (541.962.3911).

All general public, visitors, students or others should be reported to Security (541.962.3911).

Insurance Coverage Overview – Click this link for information about EOU’s insurance coverage.

How to File a Claim

In the event that a claim arises, Risk Management can guide managers and supervisor through the claims process. As of July 1, 2013, the deductible amount is $5,000 for property claims and liability claims. The responsible party’s department/unit will be assessed the deductible amount. The deductible applies to each occurrence.

  • General Liability:  The University has general liability insurance to protect the University, its officers, board members, agents and employees from actual or alleged negligent acts and omissions while acting in the performance of duties on behalf of the University.
  • Motor Vehicle/Automobile Liability:  Auto liability provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising out of the use of owned, hired and non-owned vehicles while on university business.
  • Property:  Property insurance provides protection against the risk of physical loss or damage to university property.
  • Workers’ Compensation:  Workers’ Compensation Insurance (SAIF) provides benefits for workers who are injured or suffer an occupational disease as a result of their work.


An Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability form (also known as a waiver) is used to:

  • Inform prospective participants of potential risks involved with an activity.
  • Allow an individual to voluntarily choose to incur risks.
  • Secure an agreement from the individual to hold harmless the University.

This form should be used when:

  • Minors are involved
  • Activities with overnight travel
  • Out of town trips
  • High-risk activities
  • Elective or voluntary field trips
  • Recreational activities
  • Short distance travel

Camps, Clinics and Special Events

PURMIT has an Accident Medical Insurance Policy which provides accident medical insurance and accidental death & dismemberment coverage to all registered participants of an EOU day camp, sports camp or clinic or a special campus event with minors participating. Complete and submit the Camps & Clinics form and return to Risk Management 2 weeks prior to the camp/clinic or event.

Background Checks

Criminal History/Background checks are required for anyone working with minors (under 18 years of  age) during camps, clinics, workshops, etc. Exceptions will be granted to those who have recently participated in a background check. Please complete the form and return to Teresa Carson-Mastrude in Inlow Hall Room 202.


EOU is pleased to have the assistance of many individuals who volunteer their services to help the University accomplish its mission. Departments/Units are responsible for the oversight of all volunteer services and activities and for assessing the risks associated with volunteers. Volunteers are not covered by EOU insurance and must complete the Conditions of Volunteer Service form. All volunteers working with minors at camps/clinics or classes must pass a background check. Background check forms are located here. Please complete the form and return to Risk Management. Results are usually available within 48 hrs.

EOU Events and Activities

When planning your event you must complete the Event and Activity Request and Risk Assessment Form. If your event has a higher risk than is the norm, complete the Event and Activity Request and Risk Assessment Checklist. Events must be approved by Risk Management. Requests should be turned in to Risk Management 2 weeks prior to the planned event.


PURMIT  (Public University Risk Management Insurance Trust) provides support to five of Oregon’s public higher education campuses through a comprehensive strategic enterprise risk management function that focuses on the risks associated with life safety, reputation, financial, compliance, and operational exposures.  The Risk Management Program Policy and Risk Fund Policy can be found on the Policies & Procedures page.



Please call our office at 541.962.3773 for assistance with claims, accidents or questions about an event that you will be hosting.

Fiscal Irregularities:

Eastern Oregon University Financial Concerns Hotline: For reporting fiscal concerns or irregularities, please visit our website.  If you wish to report suspected fiscal irregularities to someone internally to EOU, please use the following contact information:

LeeAnn Case
Interim Vice President for Finance & Administration
Eastern Oregon University
One University Blvd La Grande, OR 97850
Hoke 329
541 962-3515

Haley Evans, Controller
Eastern Oregon University
One University Blvd La Grande, OR 97850
(541) 962-3981