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The Nightingale Gallery presents the second senior capstone exhibition, “Gradience”

April 21, 2023

The Nightingale Gallery presents the second senior capstone exhibition, “Gradience”

LA GRANDE, Ore. – The Nightingale Gallery presents “Gradience”, the senior capstone exhibition of Gretchen Litzlbeck, Alexis Lowe, and Erin Monagle. “Gradience” is an exploration of the artists’ practices concerning change and how it shapes perception. 

The exhibit opens on Friday, April 28, and runs through May 12. A reception will be held on Friday, April 28 from 5-7 p.m. All are encouraged to attend.

Defined as “the absence of a clear-cut boundary between one category and another,” Gradience showcases what can exist in the overlap of internal and external concepts. Gretchen Litzlbeck, Alexis Lowe, and Erin Monagle each share their own experiences concerning change. Gretchen explores the dynamic between identity and expression, Alexis turns to the interplay of mental health and time, and Erin examines where fantasy ends and reality begins. 

Gretchen Litzlbeck was born and raised in San Diego, CA but has since moved to Oregon as a candidate for a BA degree in Art with a minor in communications. He is the recipient of EOU scholarships such as the Kathelene Galloway Memorial scholarship and the Nightingale scholarship. 

His practice surrounds clothing’s role in personal expression and identity. Taking inspiration from his childhood’s influence on his concept of self, he uses self-portraiture to explore the relationship between clothing and the figures’ shape and form. From bold stripes to floral patterns, he portrays gender as a spectrum instead of distinct opposites. 

Alexis Lowe grew up in Denver, Colorado, then later moved to Oregon to earn her BS degree in Art with a minor in business at Eastern Oregon University, where she received the University Art Award. 

Alexis’ works tackle mental health issues and their relationship to time. She uses flowers as metaphors to study the meaning of growth, change, and perceptions of reality. She is fascinated by flowers because of their beauty and fragility. 

Erin Monagle was born and raised in Pendleton, OR. Where she received her AAOT Degree at Blue Mountain Community College and will graduate with her BS in Art from Eastern Oregon University this June. 

From a young age, Erin has always been fascinated by animals and mythical creatures. Her art takes inspiration from the oddness and nostalgia of roadside attractions and Rogue Taxidermy. With a unique vision, she creates imagined creatures through the use of faux furs, various animal parts, and found materials.

All three artists explore change and present viewers with an exhibition that asks viewers to explore with them and question their own perceptions.

The Nightingale Gallery, located in Loso Hall, is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, visit eou.edu/art or follow the Nightingale Gallery on Facebook and Instagram.

To request images of artwork for publication or to schedule an interview with the artists please contact Gallery Director Cory Peeke at cpeeke@eou.edu.