Eastern Oregon University > Academics > Summer Institutes at EOU provide more than opportunity, they provide credit hours

Summer Institutes at EOU provide more than opportunity, they provide credit hours

Summer Institutes at EOU provide more than opportunity, they provide credit hours

LA GRANDE, Ore. – The Summer Institutes at Eastern Oregon University (EOU) are a great way for high school students to keep learning through the summer as well as earn college credit. 

The institutes are designed to give high school students the EOU campus experience, explore different colleges and majors, and get started on their path to becoming Mountaineers. 

Learning doesn’t stop just because it’s summer at Eastern Oregon University! Imbler students Madillyn Burright, 14, Kaidyn Kretsch, 14, and Emmi Slippy, 14, participate in one of the Summer Institutes at EOU. Students explore and refine their business acumen and learn to understand and handle business situations, and how to present ideas to potential investors, all while earning college credit.

High school students participating in an institute may be eligible for college credit.

Opportunities include the Cottonwood Crossing Summer Institute (CCSI), a week-long residential field studies program for high school students currently in grades 9-12, held at the Cottonwood Canyon State Park from June 16 through June 21. 

MedQuest, a week-long health career camp gives students an exclusive look at the world of healthcare. This week-long health career exploration camp offers an exclusive glimpse into the world of healthcare. Students will have the chance to discover their passion in the field of healthcare with MedQuest! The Institute will run from June 17 through June 22, 2024.

The Eastern Oregon Teacher Academy at Eastern Oregon University (EOU), from June 24 through June 28, sponsored by The College of Education, aims to graduate the brightest high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 

Students participating in Working the Fields: An Exploration of Community College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Institute, from June 24 through June 29, delve into exciting areas such as digital music creation, language and cultural elements of specific regions, and public service by grasping political issues and policy ideas. 

For young entrepreneurs, the College of Business (CoB) Institute will host the CoB Summer Institute, from June 24 through June 29, offering students the chance to explore the basics of business, marketing, communication, and entrepreneurship. At the CoB Institute, students also learn important skills like networking and developing a business plan.

The College of Science, Technology, Mathematics and Health Sciences Institute (STMHS) equips students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset essential for success in a fast-changing world. Students will engage with science and health fundamentals, exploring options for disease outbreak investigations, epidemiology, and surveillance. Students will learn about pathogens in food to cultivate problem-solving abilities, contribute to technological progress, and enhance human well-being. The Institute will take place June 24 through June 29. 
You can learn more about the Summer Institutes at eou.edu/early-college-initiatives/summer-institutes or by contacting our Early College Initiatives office at eci@eou.edu or 541-962-3086.