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Scholarship, credits and certified support for PTK transfer students at EOU

Scholarship, credits and certified support for PTK transfer students at EOU

March 2, 2021 LA GRANDE, Ore. – Now in its second year on the Phi Theta Kappa Transfer Honor Roll, Eastern Oregon University is going above and beyond for high-achieving transfer students. 

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an honor society for community college students, and EOU recently became the only university in the nation to award college credit for PTKEdge and Leadership courses. 

“We are excited to be a trendsetter as the first transfer university in the country to award college credit for completing these PTK courses,” said Assistant Director of Online Enrollment Cody Singer. “As we continue to strengthen our partnership to serve Phi Theta Kappa members, it’s these types of innovations that improve a transfer student’s experience and hold EOU true to its values. At the end of the day, transfer students maximize their transfer credits, save time and money, and PTK members are rewarded for their hard work.”

EOU remains the only public university in Oregon to offer multiple stacking scholarships for PTK members, and one of just two to make the Transfer Honor Roll. The $1000 PTK scholarship is open to members of Oregon, Washington and Idaho PTK Chapters, and can be combined with EOU’s Transfer Student Scholarship for up to $3,500 in annual awards. PTK transfer scholarships are guaranteed upon acceptance to EOU, proof of PTK membership and completion of the scholarship application.

“I have created friendships through my time in PTK that allow me to see how reachable my goals are while encouraging me to further my personal growth with connections to students at EOU, who have become as important as the degree I am working toward,” said EOU student Ida Ghramm. “The rewards from my peers will stay with me forever and will impact the rest of my time here at EOU, as well as later in my chosen career.”

PTK’s Transfer Honor Roll recognizes “excellence in the development of transfer pathways.” Only those institutions that score in the top 25% of the organization’s Transfer Friendliness Ratings are named to the Transfer Honor Roll. EOU landed among the nation’s top transfer-friendly colleges.

Fully trained academic and faculty advisors guide transfer students, ensuring they complete their degrees efficiently and affordably with personalized planning that meets their needs. Full-time and part-time options are available to support both traditional-aged transfer students and working adults.

“Online and on-campus in La Grande, transfer students contribute to a diverse and engaged student body,” Singer said. “EOU lives out its values of civility and interdependence by prioritizing inclusion and open exchange of ideas among students from differing backgrounds.”

For a free transfer credit review, visit eou.edu/transfer/creditreview.