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Fatherly stories inspire Business Dean’s new book

Fatherly stories inspire Business Dean’s new book 

College of Business Dean Ed Henninger

Feb. 24, 2021 LA GRANDE, Ore. – At the helm of Eastern Oregon University’s College of Business, Ed Henninger found opportunity to express himself creatively while staying close to home this year.

Henninger, dean of the College of Business, fine-tuned and published a chapter book titled, “Finish the Four or Be No More” based on stories he invented to entertain his own daughters. 

“I used to tell [stories] while traveling to and from school, athletic events and other activities,” Henninger said. “Inevitably once on the road, I’d predictively get a, ‘Dad tell us a story.’ To this recurring request, I found great enjoyment in conjuring up a new or continued story, all filled with thrills and chills and always featuring my two girls as initially victims, but ultimately heroines.”

Henninger said his inspiration for converting a book draft into a publishable manuscript was the hope that others might enjoy reading the book as much as he did writing it. Being a father, the book reflects how deeply he valued the time spent with them as children. Subtle humor in the book reflects both Henninger’s personality and his desire to share a sense of intimacy and connection between the reader and the characters.

“My communication experiences as an administrator, manager and former business professor taught me to be succinct, creative, and always tailor my message to the audience. In my book, the chapters are intentionally short, action-packed, and filled with fun surprises,” Henninger said. “Whether writing a report, dissertation or manuscript, my best advice is to read and write often.” 

The College of Business recently ranked No. 1 for Best Business Administration Degree Program and sixth in 15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Economics Programs for 2020.  Henninger’s book was picked up for publication, and is on sale now through Amazon and other retailers. Learn more about the College of Business at eou.edu/college-of-business.

Written by PR Intern Emily Andrews