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Award-winning student journals available now

Award-winning student journals available now

Oct. 22, 2021 LA GRANDE, Ore. – The latest edition of the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal (2018-20) won First Place with Special Merit in its category from the American Scholastic Press Association. 

Produced by student editors Carissa Cummings and Crystal Atwood, the award-winning journal includes contributions from students in Eastern Oregon University’s Anthropology, Economics, and Interdisciplinary Studies programs.

“Working on the third issue of the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal was an amazing experience,” Cummings said. “Being a part of the journal was a great way for me to connect to the EOU community, and it was a perfect opportunity to get to know the other departments better.”

Nearly the same team publishes both the Eastern Oregon Science Journal and the newer social science publication. Cummings said working on both texts has enhanced her experience as an EOU student.

“The science journals are an amazing way for the work that students do at EOU to get outside of their classrooms and to be shared with the rest of the community,” she said

Provost Sarah Witte commended the students and faculty who contributed to the award-winning volume of the social science journal.  

“Faculty working together with students to produce a journal of professional quality is an accomplishment in applied learning,” Witte said. 

The Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal is now accepting submissions for the volume IV cover art. Submissions are due March 4. Winning artists receive a $50 commision and are able to write a statement for the journal. Detailed guidelines available at eou.edu/scijou/cover-art-call. Send questions to sjeditor@eou.edu. 

Volume XXVI, (2019-2021) of the Eastern Oregon Science Journal is also available on campus. The publication was produced during the 2020-21 academic year by student editorial staff, including Atwood and Assistant Editor Kimberly Ortiz. Burgess Research Paper Award Recipients, selected by EOU Library staff, were included for the first time this year.  

“Despite the challenges of COVID-19, student authors produced quality scholarly articles with assistance from dedicated faculty,” Faculty Advisor Amy Yielding said. “The journals look forward to future collaboration with our Library, highlighting the excellent work produced by award-winning Mountaineers.” 

Both the Eastern Oregon Social Science Journal and Eastern Oregon Science Journal are partially funded through student government allocations, but the EOU Foundation also supports their continued publication through donations from alumni, faculty and staff. Donations are accepted online at eou.edu/scijou/donate
For more information visit the journals’ website at eou.edu/scijou.