Zabel Hall 107

Zabel Hall 107

EOU Smart Classroom Software



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Smart Classroom Keyboard

How to log into the computer

To log into the Smart Classroom PC:

  • Click “Other User”
  • Enter your Mountie-Pass credentials (email username and password)
  • Guests of EOU can log onto the PC by typing: .\eouuser – no password is required

Podium guide

There are 5 switches with numbers on the switcher in the rack of the podium. Each one switches the Video and audio for a respective input.

1. Univ 1 – DVD Combo player
2. Univ 2 – RCA video and audio inputs at plate on top of podium
3. UXGA 1 – VGA connector and 3.5mm audio jack at plate on top of podium
4. HDMI 1 – computer in podium
5. HDMI 2 – HDMI jack on plate on top of podium

Press the button for the source you want to use: for example, push button 4 for Power Point or other computer presentations using the computer in the podium.

The buttons might seem a bit slow to change at times, but slow presses held for few seconds should work best. If a source doesn’t change right away when you press the button, stop for a few seconds and press it again. The button will light up when it is selected.

For audio only from an external source, either the 3.5mm jack or the RCA Left and Right (White and Red) jacks can be used without connecting video to their video jacks. This can be used for mp3 players, phones, tablets, etc.

There are 2 USB connectors on the top of the podium, and if they are not working, you can open the left-hand door on the presenter side of the podium and access the computer directly.

There is a volume control attached to the top of the switcher which controls the audio levels for all sources. Since some sources, like DVDs, can be much louder than others, it is a good idea to turn the level down before switching to a new source.

The volume control can be a bit touchy, and you will notice more change at one end of the range than the other. It is set back slightly from the edge of the switcher to allow you to adjust levels without the risk of hitting a button accidentally.





For more information, contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket.

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