Phone Tips

Phone Tips


Star Codes

The following are the dial-able star codes on the NocTel system:

*38 – Check Your Voicemail

*40 – Call Queue Logout

*44 - Call Queue Login

*72 – Setup/Enable Call Forwarding (ex: Cellular Phone)

*73 – Disable Call Forwarding

*98 – Check Any Voicemail Account



Enable Forwarding for a new number

Dial *72 plus the number you would like to forward your phone to. For example, to forward to Monty’s mobile phone, he would type *72 5415551234

Disable Forwarding

Dial *73 to disable forwarding. If forwarding was not setup previously, an error tone will be heard.

Quickly Toggle Forwarding

To quickly forward your phone to a previously setup number, simply dial *72 to enable forwarding to the last used number.



Login to all of your Queues

Dial *44 to log into all Queues that you are a member of. For example, if you are a member of the astronomy (101) and the nuclear research queue (102), dialing *44 would log you into both Queues. To be added to a Queue, please contact the IT Hekpdesk.

Login to a specific Queue

Dial *44 plus the number of the Queue you’d like to enter. For example, to log into the astronomical research department (Queue number 101), you would dial *44 101

Logout of a Queue

Dialing *40 by itself will log you out of all Queues you’re currently logged in to. Dial *40 plus a Queue number to log out of a specific Queue. For example, to log out of the astronomical research department (Queue number 101), you would type *40 101


Restarting Your Phone

From time to time, there may be a need to restart your phone, just as you would restart your computer to refresh it’s settings for updates or other various reasons.

Polycom IP 331:

  • Press the [MENU] button, select “3 – Settings“, select “1 – Basic” and “6 – Restart Phone“.

Polycom VVX 500:

  • Press the [HOME] button, select “Settings“, select “1 – Basic” and “11 - Restart Phone


International Calling

In order to make international calls, phones must be added to the international calling group within NocTel. Once added to the group, dial the international number as you would normally to make an international call.The phone number should include the country code.

Contact the IT Helpdesk to discuss being added to the international calling group.


Directed Call Pickup

Pickup a call ringing on another user’s phone by dialing *08 + the other user’s extension. For example, say we want to pick up a call for extension 2-1234 when that phone is ringing near our desk.

Example: dial *08 1234 (note the 4-digit extension!)

Note: Directed Call Pickup must be enabled for your extension by the IT Helpdesk. Call or email us to have it enabled.


Campus Directories


Phone Directory: Press the Directories key or [Dir] key (depending on what model of phone you’re using) and scroll for the party’s name.


Transferring a Call

Transferring a call is easy! Both ‘Blind’ and ‘Attended’ transfers use the exact same steps.

  1. During an active call, press the transfer button. Depending upon your phone model, this may be a physical button on the phone’s body or a contextual button that appears on the phone screen during the call.
  2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call.
  3. Press the Dial button, or wait a couple seconds for the call to start ringing in your handset.
  4. Once you hear ringing, you can hang up to Blind Transfer the call, or if you want to talk with the person you’re transferring to first, simply wait for them to answer, then hang up at any time to complete the transfer.


How do I transfer calls directly to my voicemail?

  1. While caller is on the line, press “Transfer”.
  2. Dial ** and then your extension.
  3. Hang up to complete the call transfer. The caller will be sent directly to voicemail.


Conference Calls

To enter a conference room, call into the external phone number of the conference room (or 4-digit on-campus extension) and then enter the conference room passcode.


How do I enable multiple lines on my phone?

  1. Log into (If you don’t have an account contact helpdesk to have one set up).
  2. Click extensions and select your extension.
  3. Click preferences for polycom phone.
  4. Look for Line Keys: 1 for this Extension.
  5. Change 1 for this Extension to 2 for this Extension.
  6. Now when you place a call on hold you can still place a new call.


For more information, contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket.


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