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The staff of the Office of Human Resources is here to serve you.  Please feel free to visit us in our office or contact us via phone or e-mail.





Christopher J McLaughlin
Director of Human Resources/Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Officer 962-3516
Kylie Evans Human Resources Specialist 962-3548
Jacque Naegle Executive Assistant to the Director of HR/Recruiting Coordinator 962-3087
Following is a reference to names or offices of individuals who can provide specific answers to your questions.
General Payroll Inquiries Faculty, staff, student Payroll Office 962-3033
Classified Employees Position openings Kylie Evans / Jacque Naegle 962-3548 / 962-3087
Classified reviews Kylie Evans 962-3548
Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Student Employees Job opportunities Advising 962-3378
Job classification Janie Carman 962-3286
Work Study – Payroll Janie Carman 962-3286
Teaching Faculty Recruitment Kylie Evans/ Jacque Naegle 962-3548 / 962-3087
Administrative Professional Recruitment Kylie Evans/ Jacque Naegle 962-3548 / 962-3087
Appointments Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Classification Analysis Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Resource Faculty Appointments Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Payroll April Kai 962-3033
Temporary Classified Employees Job Classification Jacque Naegle 962-3548
Payroll April Kai 962-3033
Family Medical Leave Policy Benefits Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Workers Compensation Policy Benefits Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Medical, Dental, Life Benefits Jacque Naegle 962-3087
(PERS and ORP)
Forms, benefits Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Tax Deferred Investments Forms, limits Jacque Naegle 962-3087
Contract Administration SEIU Christopher McLaughlin/ Jacque Naegle 962-3516 / 962-3087
AAP Christopher McLaughlin / Jacque Naegle 962-3516 / 962-3087

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