English/Writing Advising

Major Concentrations Minors
English Studies* English Studies*
Rhetoric and Culture* Rhetoric and Culture*
Writing Writing
*Available online Interdisciplinary Writing and Rhetoric*

Key Reminders

  • Majors needing two years of modern language should take Spanish ASAP.
  • Prospective majors and minors should take 100-level prerequisites in the first year.
  • Sophomore majors should begin the sophomore sequence (English 220) in fall.
  • Rhetoric and Culture majors and minors should take WR 222 Intro. to Rhetoric ASAP.
  • Writing majors and minors should plan to take 200-level creative writing prerequisites.
  • Students interested in becoming K-12 teachers should contact Prof. Donald Wolff.
  • English Studies majors should plan ahead to take English 446 when offered.
  • Senior majors should begin the capstone sequence (ENGL/WR 401) in fall.


  • No more than one course may count toward English/Writing minors combined in a Liberal Studies degree. Seek faculty advice.
  • With approval of faculty, junior-level transfer majors may take just the sophomore seminar that applies to their concentration (English 220, 221, or 222) rather than all three.
  • Transfer students who have taken 200-level British or American survey courses may substitute one for the required 300-level survey courses (English 371-72 or 381-82). In selecting the second 300-level survey course, they should not repeat the literatures and time periods already studied.
  • Upper-division electives (ENGL 322, 339, 390, 395, 422, 436, and 448) may be repeated with different topics.
  • Liberal studies majors interested in using the English/Writing capstone structure may substitute the English/Writing capstone (ENGL/WR 401, 403, and 406) for Liberal Studies 401.
  • For students completing the old versions of majors and minors, the following substitutions may be used:
    • Substitute 200- or 300-level literature for English 239 Genres.
    • Substitute English 221 Sophomore Seminar II for English 206 Applied Literary Theory.
    • Substitute English 220 or 222 Sophomore Seminar I or III for Writing 206 Applied Discourse Theory.
    • Substitute ENGL 371, 372, 381, or 382 (British or American literature) for English/Writing 407 Seminar.
    • Substitute the new capstone sequence English/Writing 401, 403, and 406 (5 credits) for the old English/Writing 403 Capstone (3).