Audio/Visual Rates

Rates for Audio/Visual Services

Media Services and Audio/Visual are largely funded by charging fees for service. These rates are published in accordance with legal requirements, and are updated annually.

New rates for new services may be added during the fiscal year, and will become part of the published fees as a part of the update process each fiscal year.

Without sufficient prior arrangement, a minimum of two full business days before the day of your event, we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your request. Events frequently require changing staff schedules. Please plan far enough ahead  to make your event a success, and reduce charges for labor and overtime.

Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2016

A/V Item    

On-Campus Rates

Off-Campus Rates (Non-Profit)

Off-Campus Rates (Profit)

16mm Projector General Setup* $10 $20
Slide Projector General Setup* $10 $20
Overhead Projector General Setup* $10 $20
Screen General Setup* $10 $20
Tape Recorder General Setup* $10 $20
Digital Voice Recorder $7 $20 $40
Boom Box CD Player General Setup* $10 $20
Hoke 309 PA System $15 $30 $40
Outside PA system(2 speakers + 1 Mic) $18 $50 $100
Additional Wired Mics $3 $10 $20
Wireless Mics $7 $15 $20
Stadium PA (up to 4 mics) $37 $100 $200
Powered Podium (Hoke) General Setup* $15 $30
42 inch LCD TV General Setup* $20 $40
VHS/DVD Player General Setup* $15 $20
General Setup* $10 $20
Cart/Cords General Setup* $15 $25
Data Projector (half day) $11 $50 $100
Data Projector (full day) $18 $50 $100
Laptops (half day) $11 $50 $100
Laptops (full day) $18 $50 $100
Xbox 360 (4 controllers) $18 $50 $100
Xbox 360 (Kinect) $22 $50 $100
Wii (2 controllers) $18 $50 $100
Overtime Charge Varies Varies Varies
Operator Fee $25 8a-5p, $40 after hours and weekends $25 8a-5p, $40 after hours and weekends $25 8a-5p, $40 after hours and weekends
Smart Classroom Free $100 $200

Beginning July 1, 2016, AV will not charge On-Campus users for  most setups/events during the regular work week, 8a-5p, Monday-Friday. After hours and weekends will continue to be charged for, depending on scheduling requirements, overtime, etc. The rates above are previous on-campus rates for comparison, and may be charged depending on circumstance.


* General Setup means the price is only available for on campus users.  For on campus users a GS item can be grouped together (up to four items) for no extra charge.  If the AV department has to set these items up then there will be a single charge of $8 (on-campus – off-campus nonprofit =$10, commercial =$20).  If on-campus users wish to pick a general setup item up then there is no charge for the user.


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