Program Information



Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to actively contribute to aesthetic and conceptual dialogue that is visual art, both on campus and throughout the region. Our students are offered a broad and diverse selection of artistic experiences designed to help them develop as critical thinkers and producing/participating artists, with a firm awareness of both historic and contemporary issues within the field. Additionally, the Nightingale Gallery serves the local, regional, and institutional needs for cultural enrichment in the visual arts. The gallery provides exhibition opportunities for student artists as well as regional and national artists of excellence. It is considered one of the premiere non -profit exhibition spaces in the region. Given La Grande’s relative geographic isolation the role of EOU’s Art Program as advocate and facilitator of the visual arts is crucial for both our students and the region. The importance of visual art as a language and a means to express the human condition has been evidenced through history and within our contemporary culture. These ideas are also core to our program’s vision. It is our intention to aid both majors and non-majors in a manner that will help them better understand the value of their own lives and of human potential. We strive to design courses and projects that allow students to experience how creative choices can enrich, broaden, and deepen their lives, community, and culture.

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Students studying art at Eastern Oregon University are exposed to a wide range of aesthetic, critical, historical, multi-cultural, and technical art experiences. The art faculty challenge and aid all students to develop a personal aesthetic and conceptual foundation intended to drive and define their personal vision and artwork. The depth and breadth of the Art Program within the broader liberal arts experience prepares students for professional expertise in art education and studio art with an emphasis in portfolio development intended to make students competitive for graduate school admissions and other professional endeavors in the arts. Eastern art students are encouraged to experience a wide range of media and explore their ideas within a strong conceptual framework.


Students who successfully complete the requirements for a B.S. or a B.A. Degree in Art will be able to:

  • Trust their own intuition and imagination;
  • Interpret art in various cultural contexts and historical periods and analyze art through contemporary cultural perspectives;
  • Understand the comprehensive role of visual arts in society;
  • Express ideas visually and apply a working knowledge of the elements of art and the principles of design to visual problems;
  • Apply critical thinking skills and convergent/divergent thinking skills to problem solving and creative decision making;
  • Exhibit in-depth skills in a broad range of disciplinary activities;
  • Demonstrate perceptual awareness of subtleties and complexities in art works;
  • Analyze and critique their own art work and the work of other artists in both written and verbal formats;
  • Recognize a lifelong commitment to artistic endeavor and creativity can enrich and add meaning to an individual’s life;
  • Obtain a level of visual literacy that will allow graduates to function professionally within the field of art.