Nightingale Gallery

MISSION: The Nightingale Gallery serves Eastern Oregon University’s institutional needs for cultural enrichment in the visual arts. The gallery brings in work from nationally recognized artists of the contemporary art world to challenge and engage EOU and the surrounding communities. The gallery also provides a venue for students to exhibit artwork and develop professional practices.

The Nightingale Gallery provides both the EOU campus community and the regional communities with the premiere, non-profit exhibition space in Eastern Oregon. This unique position allows the Nightingale Gallery to bring non-commercial and experimental artwork to our rural campus and community. This type of work brings new points of view to our community, thereby enriching and diversifying the cultural experience of Eastern Oregon. At the same time, we strive to showcase and promote local artistic talent, including that of emerging and student artists.

The hands-on experience gained by student employees of the Nightingale Gallery also adds greatly to the quality of their EOU educational experience. These students work with professional artists, handling and discussing premiere artwork in a professional manner. These skills often lead to other employment and advancement opportunities with commercial art galleries, non-profit arts organizations, and independent curatorial and exhibition projects.

Eastern Oregon University
One University Blvd.
Loso Hall
La Grande, Oregon 97850

Faculty Director – Cory W. Peeke

Student Director - Genevieve Gaudreau

Current Exhibition

John Michael Byrd’s “Drunk Strange Waters”

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John Michael Byrd’s “Drunk Strange Waters”

he Nightingale Gallery at Eastern Oregon University presents a solo exhibition by John Michael Byrd, “Drunk Strange Waters,” opening Friday, Nov. 11 from 6-8 p.m. with a reception for the artist. Byrd’s show title is derived from a Bible passage, 2 Kings 19:24: “I have digged and drunk strange waters, and with the sole of my feet have I dried up all the rivers of besieged places.” The source images for Byrd’s mixed media works come from a Bible coloring book the artist had as a child and recently rediscovered. The coloring book...

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