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Next Generation of Ag Leaders!

Image of EOU students attending the 2022 AFA Leaders Conference.

The AE program is designed to develop and provide opportunities for the next generation of agriculture leaders. We received a ‘University Growth Initiative’ grant from Agriculture Future of America (AFA) to send four students (2 freshman and 2 sophomores) to Kansas City, MO for the 2022 AFA Leaders Conference…fully funded!. The four students had a great time, and told me that AFA represented the ‘next level’ of leadership they wanted from their college experience! Our plan moving forward is to continue our new relationship with AFA and provide as many students as possible the opportunity to connect with peers from around the U.S. and the major companies that make up the various sectors of the U.S. Agriculture industry! We are committed to providing as many opportunities as possible to students who want to become the next generation of agriculture leaders!

2022 AFA Leaders Conference – EOU recipients:

  • Kendra Counsell (La Grande, OR)
  • Eva Martin (Ione, OR)
  • Meg Neushwander (Shedd, OR)
  • Bailee Whitney (Oxbow, OR)