Oregon Teacher Pathway

Ethnic-minority students in Oregon public schools currently make up a third of the student population; however 91% of the teachers in Oregon public schools are non-ethnic minorities. Research shows that by increasing the percentage of ethnic and linguistically minority teachers teaching in schools, there is a great chance of closing the academic achievement gap, increasing minority student graduation rates, and in enriching the overall culture of schools.Therefore, the goal of Oregon Teacher Pathway (OTP) is to increase the number of quality teachers of color in Oregon public schools by creating a teacher pipeline starting with juniors in high school and assisting these students as they complete their degree and teacher licensure.

OTP also seeks to further student accomplishment by partnering with local schools and community organizations in recruiting, retaining, supporting, and employing these students upon completing their teacher licensure program. Oregon Teacher Pathway is affiliated with Pathways2Teaching.







Oregon Teacher Pathway students conversation with Dr. Rich Milner on teacher practice with diverse populations and his book, Start Where You Are, But Don’t Stay There.

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