ROTC Job Opportunities


The Army offers a wide variety of Military Occupational Specialties to start you on your career path. Use the pull-down menu below to browse through by career categories to find a job that matches your interest or experience.

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Graduates of the ROTC program leave the University well-equipped to face the challenges of the world of work, and with a head start on their career track either in the armed forces or in the private sector. Take a look at some of these career options for your future:


Infantry Chemical
Armor Adjutant General
Field Artillery Transportation
Air Defense Artillery Finance
Aviation Judge Advocate General
Corps of Engineers Medical
Military Police Nurse
Military Intelligence Quartermaster
Chaplain Ordnance


Preparing for a lifetime of success in the corporate world begins with Army ROTC, which enables you to develop leadership and management skills that give you the competitive edge.

Civilian Army
Finance Finance Corps
Personnel Adjutant General’s Corps
Industrial Management Ordnance Corps
General Management Quartermaster Corps
Marketing Transportation Corps


Work with state-of-the-art equipment, applying leadership and technical skills learned through the Army ROTC program.

Civilian Army
Civil Corps of Engineers
Environmental Field Artillery
Chemical Air Air Defense Artillery
Metallurgical Chemical Corps
Industrial Ordnance
Petroleum Quartermaster Corps
Mechanical Military Intelligence
Aeronautical Transportation Corps
Electrical Aviation


Army ROTC will provide you with opportunities for a successful career as an Army Nurse. You will acquire practical experience along with leadership skills.

* Only available at Portland State University

Civilian and Army
Psychiatric/Mental Health Obstetrical/Gynecological
Pediatric Trauma
Perioperative Critical care


You can find a job and a rewarding future within the science field, in either of the following civilian or Army branches.

Civilian      Army
Biology Chemical Corps
Chemistry Medical Service Corps
Physics Ordnance Corps
Quartermaster Corps