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Staff/Faculty/Community Members Auditing Courses

The grade of AU “audit” is assigned if an individual enrolls in an EOU course for no earned credit. One course may be audited per term. Individuals auditing courses are not expected to complete assignments or take examinations. Both admitted students, staff/faculty and community members (non-admitted students) may audit courses.

Auditing as a staff/faculty member

  • Staff/Faculty members can choose to audit a course, but are required to fill out the Staff Fee Benefit form located on the Human Resources (HR) website. Please return the completed ‘Staff Fee Benefit” form to hr@eou.edu for processing.
  • Only 1 discount per employee, per term.
  • Staff/Faculty members can audit 1 course per term if space is available in the course and with the instructors approval. Instructor approval can be obtained by email or the instructor can sign the hard copy registration form.
  • Staff/Faculty can register for a course through their Mountie Hub portal or by submitting a Registration Form to add.drop@eou.edu.
  • Fees associated with the course will be charged, but no tuition is charged when 1 course is audited.
  • Staff & Faculty cannot audit a course as “community members”.

Once the HR “Staff Fee Benefit” paperwork is confirmed by HR and a copy of the instructors approval to “Audit” the course has been submitted to hr@eou.edu and the Registrar’s office (add.drop@eou.edu) the grading mode will be changed and the tuition will be reversed.

Auditing as a community member

  • Community Members wanting to audit a course for no tuition charge must wait until the first day of the term to register. Community members are allowed to audit 1 on-campus course tuition free if there is space available in the course.
  • Community Members who register themselves for a course (or wait-list for a course) will not be eligible to receive the tuition discount. Registration must be processed in the Registrar’s office the first week of the term to receive the tuition discount.
  • Community members must fill out a Registration Form, sign it and email (add.drop@eou.edu) or bring it to the Registrar’s Office during the first week of the term. The Registrar’s office then verifies seat availability and manually adjusts the registration to reflect the reduced tuition. (All class fees will be charged to the student’s account, but tuition will not be applied.)
  • Charges for special materials, if any, will be posted the members account after registration is processed and are due by Friday the first week of the term.
  • If the community member hasn’t ever been a student at EOU, or hasn’t attended a course in the last 3 terms, a Non-Admit application form will need to be filled out and the application fee paid to Admissions.
  • Community members can only receive 1 tuition free class per person, per term. A degree cannot be in progress.

Regular fully admitted students auditing a class

  • Will be charged full price for an “audited” class.
  • Students can register anytime registration is open.
  • Students have until the 4th week of the term to change their grading mode.
  • Audited classes will not count towards a degree or the calculation of the students GPA.
  • Instructor approval is not needed for a fully admitted student to audit a course.

Instructor or Dean approval will not be accepted during or after finals week of the term in which the discount rate is applied. 


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