OSU AG_NR Program

As of Spring 2015 Oregon State University (OSU) Agriculture (AG) and Natural Resource (NR) courses will no longer be registered via EOU Webster. Students will now have to be admitted to OSU and register via their MyOSU account.

Admission to OSU

  • Degree seeking students on the La Grande campus who have declared or intend to declare an agriculture or natural resource program should begin the admissions process by contacting Michelle Hines (Michelle.Hines@oregonstate.edu; 541-962-3047).
  • Non-Degree seeking students on the La Grande campus wishing to take agriculture and natural resource courses should follow the instructions linked here.  These instructions should also be followed by students on the La Grande campus seeking only an AG & NR minor. 

Registering for OSU Courses

Contact Information:

EOU office – Badgley Hall 205 ~ Michele Hines (541)962-3047
OSU Agriculture and Natural Resource Program at EOU


Additional information:

Instructions for EOU majors interested in taking one of the OSU courses offered on EOU’s campus