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Leave of Absence from EOU

Student Leave of Absence Policy

EOU allows a student to file a one time leave of absence from the university for any reason. This leave allows students to take up to 8 terms (including summer) away from school and still remain an active student in our system and continue under your currently listed catalog requirements.

Requirements for a ‘Leave of Absence’:

  • You must be a fully admitted student in good academic standing.
  • You must have attended Eastern as at least a part time student for two consecutive terms.
  • You are eligible for only one ‘Leave of Absence’.
  • You must file for the ‘Leave of Absence’ within 90 days of official withdrawal, or the last date of the last term of attendance.
  • If you plan on leaving in the middle of a term and want to withdraw from your courses you NEED to fill out a withdrawal form. You will not be removed from courses if you do not fill out a withdrawal form.
  • If you have financial aid left for terms during the ‘Leave of Absence’, that financial aid will be cancelled. You will need to contact the financial aid office to determine if this time off will affect your future eligibility for financial aid. You will also be responsible for keeping loan accounts in good standing.

The ‘Leave of Absence’ may be taken for up to eight consecutive terms which includes summer, no extensions will be granted. This is basically 2 years from the date the Leave of Absence form was filled out. As a student on a ‘Leave of Absence’, you will be able to continue under the catalog requirements which are in effect for you at the time of your withdrawal.

Form to Request a Leave of Absence at EOU (must be logged into EOU email to access form)

Steps to follow upon your anticipated return to EOU:

  • Contact your advisor. (or the advising office if you are unsure of your advisor) — On-campus students: advising@eou.edu, Online Students: online@eou.edu, or call at 541-962-3378
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office to make sure you are set up to register for courses. — registrar@eou.edu or 541-962-3607
  • Log into Webster to verify your information is current. If you need help logging in contact IT. — helpdesk@eou.edu or 541-962-3111
  • Do not fill out a re-admit form or contact admissions.
  • If you intend on living in on-campus housing, you will need to contact the Residence Life Office well in advance of your return and complete a Housing Application. Housing assignments are based on availability and the date the application is received.
  • You must apply for financial aid for the academic year of your scheduled return. Contact the financial aid office with any questions. fao@eou.edu or 541-962-3550