GPA – (Grade Point Average) is the total grade points divided by the total graded term hours attempted. A student will have a ‘institutional’ GPA of all graded courses taken at EOU. Students can also have an ‘overall’ (cumulative) GPA which will be institutional and transfer graded courses combined into one cumulative GPA.

Grade points are computed on the basis of grades earned each term:

A             4.00C            2.00
A –          3.67C –         1.67
B +          3.33D +         1.33
B             3.00D            1.00
B –          2.67D –          0.67
C +          2.33F             0.00

Grades of Audit, S, U, I, K and W are disregarded in the computation of the grade point average (GPA). A minimum Eastern GPA of 2.00 and a cumulative GPA of 2.00 are required for graduation.

Retaking a course for a better grade:

Students may retake a course for the purpose of raising the grade. If courses are both taken at EOU the GPA is re-calculated automatically. Both courses and their grades will remain on the transcript, but only the most recent grade is used for calculating the GPA.

If the course a student wants to repeat is a transfer course, the transfer course will need to be evaluated for equivalency to an EOU course. Talk with your advisor if you would like to have a transfer course evaluated. Inquiries about GPA and re-calculation of GPA can be sent to