Registrar’s Office Staff


Emily Sharratt


Phone 962-3608 –
University Registrar
FERPA ~ Grades
Athletic Eligibility

Selina Schiller 


Phone 962-3124 –
Graduation Applications
Commencement Ceremony
Diplomas: orders ~ replacement diplomas ~ diploma name changes
Outgoing Transcripts – back up

Brooke Hewitt 


Phone 962-3936 –
Transctript Evaluator-Articulation Specialist
DegreeWorks Questions 
Transfer Testing Credits ~ International Transcripts ~ Re-Admit transfer work updates
Transfer & DegreeWorks Petitions & Exceptions
Reach the Peak Evaluations
Graduation – back up

Dorothy Jones 


Phone 962-3504 – &
Veteran’s Certification
Enrollment Verification
Degree Verify ~ Name Change & Information Updates
Outgoing Transcript Requests and Inquiries ~ Credentials Information
Registration Questions

Khris Wilson 


Phone 962-3609 –
Course Registration & Course Setup
Building courses in the system by term

Ad Astra Administrator – On-campus Class/Room Scheduling
Specialty Registrations: Course by Arrangement, partner programs, registration issues
Instructor Setup ~ Staff Fees
EOU Course Questions

     Kaycie Lane


Phone 962-3810 –
Office Questions and Inquiries
Student Curriculum Updates
Academic Standards Committee/Suspension
Registration Questions ~ Grade Changes ~ S/U ~ Credit Overload
S/U Grading Option ~ Post-Bacc Financial Aid Eligible Application Updates

     Lucas Kruse


Phone 962-3866 –
EPCC Tracking and Updates
EOU Academic Catalog ~ Academic Calendar
Wait-listing ~ Overrides
Re-Admit Applications and Processing
Website Updates ~ Credit Recovery
Credit Recovery 

Rogelio Garay-Morfin


Phone 962-3604 –
Degreeworks Coding Updates
Degreeworks Technical Support
EPCC/Catalog/Program Coding – Updates
Banner ~ Webster ~ College Scheduler
Troubleshooting Office Technical Issues