2020 Edition

Cover Art: Meredith Matthews

Volume LI

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Poetry: Kristi Helgeson, Brendan Smith, Amelia Diaz Ettinger, Christen Pagett, Briana Smith, Sanheshke Wakinyan, Carissa Cummings

Art: Sophia Aimone, Kimberly Baum, Alex Navarro, Mary Edwards, Hannah Flowers, Meredith Matthews (cover art), Jan Ng, Hannah Smith, Samantha Wegerman

Prose: Tonya Dias, Amelia Diaz Ettinger, Sarah Douglas, Catherine Stevens, Melissa Legg, Sanheshke Wakinyan, Brandy Powers-Crowe, Paige Dodd

Staff: Lora Alix (editor), Tanisha Willis (art editor), Carissa Cummings, Paige Dodd, Sanheshke Wakinyan, David Axelrod (faculty advisor)

Editor’s Note:

The publication of this issue represents our commitment to persevering through the challenges of the world today. 2020 has seen a global pandemic, devastating natural disasters around the world, and riots across America fighting against systemic racism. As we have watched the news while being quarantined in our homes, we see radical changes happening around us. It is easy to see all the negative things going on, but it is even more important now to look for the positive in the world. We have seen people from all walks of life come together to fight against injustice and inequality. Changing hearts and minds is often difficult and forces us to face uncomfortable truths about ourselves.

This issue of Oregon East is filled with stories of people fighting for their histories and their futures. I am awed and deeply humbled by the strength of character represented within these pages. Each piece is a journey into self-discovery and the search for hope. As you read these pages, I hope you are inspired to look inside yourself and be the catalyst for the change you want to see in the world.

As editor of this year’s issue, I have grown both as a writer and as a person. I have been extraordinarily lucky to work with talented writers and artists, and be part of a group of dedicated people who worked hard to give voice to EOU students. You have become family, and I will miss all of you as you move towards new horizons.

I wish to personally thank our faculty advisor, Professor David Axelrod, who was willing to take a chance on me as editor. As you move onto the next part of your life, your laughter and positive attitude will be missed on campus. We wish you and your family all the best for the future.

— Lora Alix

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