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Mission Statement

Image by Olivia Starks She Is Everything (Detail) archival inkjet print

Our mission statement

Oregon East exists for the benefit and appreciation of Eastern Oregon University’s entire school community. The magazine provides rare and excellent opportunities for those students who produce the annual issues. It is an opportunity to learn the demands of a professional editing job, and to work collaboratively with others in a unique environment. Working on Oregon East helps to hone a range of skills in teamwork, in financial and organizational management, in professional and technical editing, and in critical reading and judging of submissions.

Submitting pieces of writing or works of art to Oregon East is an exercise in understanding and improving one’s own work, and students of all majors are encouraged to submit. Being accepted for publication is an even more demanding exercise, and student writers are motivated to create more and to continue widening experience and practice in the writing or art world.

Oregon East is a concrete, unified, and polished product that represents, proudly, Eastern Oregon University’s capacity for academic and creative excellence across numerous disciplines.

Editorial Positions

Oregon East is run by students, and consists of three positions. To view the job descriptions, please click on the following:

Editor       Art Editor     Practicum WR 209 & 409