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Mine Safety program re-energized at EOU

Mine Safety program re-energized at EOU

July 2, 2021 LA GRANDE, Ore. – Eastern Oregon University recently resumed its Oregon Mine Safety and Health Training Program, providing federally-mandated training for mines operating in Oregon. 

Funded by a  grant from the Mine Safety and Health Administration , EOU recently hired an experienced miner and mine safety trainer Trent Hahn to serve as mine safety director. Hahn is a Certified Mine Safety Professional, and he’ll report to EOU’s Dean of the College of Business Edward Henninger.

“We have the utmost confidence in Trent and fully expect that he will provide the region with excellent service in line with the primary objective of the program, which is to provide the health and safety training needed to prevent and reduce mine-related accidents, injuries and illnesses in Oregon,” Henninger said. 

Hahn’s other focus is helping make mine operators aware of their legal obligations, while attending to training and reporting requirements. He’ll teach miners about establishing legal identity, training plans and other required documentation. 

To learn more about mine safety training offered through Eastern Oregon University, visit eou.edu/college-of-business/mine-safety or contact Trent Hahn CMSP at tohahn@eou.edu