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From one studio to another, KEOL lives on

From one studio to another, KEOL lives on

Image of the old KEOL studio microphone stand, monitors and mixing board

May 6, 2022 LA GRANDE, Ore. – College broadcasting is still going strong at EOU. A new student media hub is in the works at Eastern Oregon University, one that will give participants firsthand experience in the art of podcasting. 

91.7 FM KEOL is relaunching as the KEOL Podcast Studio this spring, bringing a new innovative and highly accessible digital media format to students, alumni, faculty and staff.  

“Starting over a year ago, students and staff have worked together to envision the future of this space as a resource for learning, connecting with peers, and building real-world skills within the campus community,” Vice President for Student Affairs Lacy Karpilo said. 

Funding for the radio station was discontinued by the EOU Student Fee Committee (SFC) in July 2021 due to lack of student interest, and  continued licensing costs. The new podcasting initiative aims to reinvigorate and reconnect KEOL with the university and community, increasing its presence on local and international levels and leveraging the popular digital medium.  

“EOU got creative about the possibilities, and decided to enter the podcasting world. This medium allows students to innovate, express themselves, pursue their interests and apply classroom knowledge in a co-curricular setting,” Karpilo said.

A key component of the new studio is the fostering of skills among students. Podcasting enables participants to have unique experiences outside of the classroom environment, yet also develop relevant techniques and knowledge as part of the production and broadcasting process. The goal is that students and alumni of any major or career will find the studio both fun and informative. 

“The KEOL Podcast Studio aims to provide access for all members of the university community. The digital platform actually expands the value and applicability of this experience, allowing folks from a wide range of backgrounds to try it out,” Karpilo said.  

The podcast studio will be housed in the same space as the radio station on the third floor of Hoke Union Building. The studio will be accessible to students, alumni, faculty and staff. An application and review process of podcast proposals will be required.  

More details regarding booking, hours, proposals, production, listening locations or links and the studio launch date will be released later this spring. 

Written by PR Intern Garrett Christensen.