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Eastern Oregon University unveils fresh take on ‘Dracula’ for 2023-24 theatrical season

Oct. 24, 2023

Eastern Oregon University unveils fresh take on ‘Dracula’ for 2023-24 theatrical season

LA GRANDE, Ore. – The upcoming theatrical production at Eastern Oregon University (EOU), scheduled for the 2023-24 school year, is set to captivate audiences with a fresh take on Bram Stoker’s timeless classic, “Dracula.”

In a recent interview with director, Mike Heather, the reasoning behind choosing Dracula, the cast selection, and his approach to this adaption were unveiled. 

For Heather, the decision to bring “Dracula” to the stage was influenced by the story’s potential as a tragic love story, with a particular emphasis on the female character. Heather felt the perspective added a layer of intrigue to the production. However, what sealed the deal for Heather was Neil LaBute’s 2019 adaption which offered a modern twist on the iconic tale. 

The journey to selecting “Dracula” began when Heather was contemplating the university’s next theatrical venture. Always open to input from students Heather sought their opinions on the upcoming season. The students voted “Dracula,” making it a clear choice. 

The casting for this production is a blend of seasoned performers and fresh faces, all of whom impressed him during auditions. Heather expressed enthusiasm about the talent pool and is expecting an outstanding performance from the cast of 10, which includes six current EOU students, three EOU ALumni, and one EOU staffer. 

When asked what to expect from this production, Heather described it as a tragic love story infused with terror, possessing a modern edge. The production explores the depth of human emotion while delivering spine-tingling moments. 

Chilling yet stylish in its atmosphere, dark yet deeply human in its emotional impact, Neil LaBute’s Dracula: A Thriller in 2 Acts is a tribute to both LaBute’s dramatic vision and the timelessness of Stoker’s novel.

In terms of technical challenges, Heather acknowledged that the production schedule is the greatest hurdle. With the opening night set for Halloween, the team has less than a month to prepare. Heather expressed confidence in the actor’s ability to overcome any challenges. 

Regarding makeup, Heather said that it will be part of the production, but clarified that there won’t be any elaborate makeup special effects needed for the script. 

Audiences can mark their calendars for Oct. 31 through Nov. 4, 2023. 

Tickets can be purchased online here: https://www.eou.edu/theatre/production-season/