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Eastern Oregon University Launches “Bridging Horizons” Community Partnerships Series

Eastern Oregon University Launches “Bridging Horizons”

LA GRANDE, Ore. – Eastern Oregon University (EOU), Oregon’s Official Rural University and a cornerstone of eastern Oregon, is excited to announce the launch of “Bridging Horizons” EOU’s Community Partnerships Series. This initiative is a monthly showcase designed to highlight the dynamic collaborations between EOU and the diverse businesses and organizations in the region. 

The series kicks off by honoring the long-standing connection between the university and the Union County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber works to connect the EOU Community with businesses and events in the region. The partnership between EOU and the Chamber encompasses various initiatives, from the Week of Welcome (WoW) to internship opportunities linking businesses with EOU students.

The Union County Chamber of Commerce partners with Eastern Oregon University to create a better Union County. Above, Tyler Brooks, Union County Executive Director Caitlin Harrold, and Caleb Sampson sit down to talk about collaborations with EOU. (EOU photograph / Michael K. Dakota)

“The Chamber and University understand that getting businesses, students, and staff involved and working together is a good thing for the entire community,” says Chamber Board Chair Caleb Sampson. “Having EOU in the community introduces a diversity that enriches us all.”

Caitlin Harrold, Executive Director of the Chamber, emphasizes the role of the Chamber in acting as a community voice and bridging connections between the university and local businesses. “The pride and spirit I observed at EOU are remarkable,” she says.

Looking ahead, the Chamber seeks to deepen these relationships, envisioning more extensive community engagement and new initiatives that strengthen the bond between the community and EOU. 

“I have seen the evolution of the town and gown connections over my lifetime and the rise of EOU alumni as leaders in our community.” Vice Chair of the Chamber Board Tyler Brooks says. “The Chamber and EOU partnership is a vital resource for our business environment and our community.”
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